Updated: Sep 28, 2020

After the long-term lockdown and precautions of pandemic, the world is changing and this is felt in every point of our lives. New experiences began to emerge, with many entertainment concepts, habits and work environments evolved according to this process.

One of these was the spring / summner 2021 fashion shows of the brands during the London and New York fashion week week last week. It was clear that this season’s fashion weeks are sure to be like no other.

Designers are looking to new and innovative ways of presenting their most recent collections. Some desingers presented their catwalks in to the nature or shows were presented to a socially distanced crowd of just 30 people.

Despite the masks and distance rules that came into our lives with the “New Normal”, floral patterns, especially Burberry's blue-dominated collection, reminded us of hope. In our new glove collection, we are here with our designs that emphasize hope and vitality.

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